On behalf of the Federal Commonwealth and to uphold the Constitution of the people of the Federal Commonwealth of Australia
By their own admission and for recognising a body of ‘Australian Government’ that does not exist legally, for forcing us to vote, to collect levies and to deceive the people for self-gain. For calling themselves local and state government, leaves me no choice but to make a public announcement calling for justice against these treasonous agencies.
I hereby accuse the courts overseeing bodies, treasonous organisations as well as out ‘phoney’ government calling themselves “Australian Government’ for
*denying our rights of justice
*invasion of the people by deceit
*Theft of the rights of the Australian people to live in peace under the constitution
*Working as American Companies, calling themselves ‘Australian Agencies and authorities’ for the detrimental effect against the Australian people of the Federal Commonwealth of Australia

I have demanded a public hearing with no less than all media coverage and cameras are allowed in for all to see and to make their own judgement call. This is for all the citizens of the Federal Commonwealth, and to assist me and to have a say in placing these criminals in chains of ‘treason’. If any of these criminals or citizens wishes to view the evidence or to assist please feel free to email me on swamproom1@hotmail.com

David Foster

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